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Portfolio Server
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The perfect software solution for marketing and creative workgroups, Portfolio Server 8.5 provides centralized control and organization for your digital assets. Easy to rollout and use, Portfolio Server will keep pace with your business. With its ability to automate workflow tasks (archiving, web publishing and more) and to offer various access points, Portfolio Server makes the job easier on all the participants in your digital assets lifecycle.
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Easy to rollout and use
Integrates seamlessly with Adobe® CS3®
Multiple points of access (desktop, web, CS3 applications)
Provide self-service access to the multiple channels with your organization
Automate real-time web publishing
Leverage your existing infrastructure with SQL integration options
Support your cross platform environment

Portfolio Server 8.5 serves as the powerful hub of your digital assets management system, providing the core set of capabilities you need to keep your rich media on-the-move—for routing to other users/departments, for final delivery to clients, partners or vendors, or for secure archiving. From this hub, you can take advantage of Portfolio Server’s flexibility and open architecture to create the right solution for your environment. Want to leverage your SQL database and tools? Add Portfolio SQL-Connect. Want dynamic web publishing? Add Portfolio NetPublish.

And now—included with Portfolio Server 8.5—Project Sync for Adobe CS3 is the perfect complement to a CS3-centered workflow. The new Project Sync module seamlessly integrates with Adobe CS3 to offer powerful database searching, flexible archiving and automated web delivery—all from within the Creative Suite environment.

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