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Distributed Processing Module (DP Plus)
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allow you to work more efficiently by running GoldSim models on multiple computers across a network.
add-on module that allows you to overcome this problem by combining the power of multiple computers connected over a network to carry out a simulation involving multiple realizations. This is accomplished by a having a master GoldSim executable connect to any number of slave GoldSim executables installed on separate computers. The master executable assigns and sends individual realizations to the slaves. Each slave carries out its assigned realization, sends the results to the master, and then makes itself available to work on another realization. Once all of the realizations have been completed, the master combines all of the results into a single GoldSim file (and enters Result Mode) just as if the entire simulation had been carried out on the master machine. Note that slaves do not require purchase of a separate GoldSim license, since the free GoldSim Player can act as a slave.

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