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 LOGINstall - the next generation of KIS

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LOGINstall - the next generation of KIS

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LOGINstall helps unprivileged users execute administrative commands which have been predefined by the network administrator. These can be interactive setups or configuration procedures that are started in the user logon script. Even older applications – from the time before Windows 7 – often only can be performed in the administrative context. When starting such an application theunprivileged user has to specify an administrative user name and a password via the User Account Control (UAC).

LOGINstall eliminates one of the major obstacles for company-wide deployment of Windows 7 and is an important utility for secure IT environments.

LOGINstall is Careware and available for free download − Keep IT Simple!


Your Challange

Many organizations are planning to make Windows 7 the prevailing operating system on standard workstations. What definitely should be considered when switching from e.g. Windows XP to Windows 7 are the "legacy" applications.

Windows 7 runs more reliably than previous versions, especially when normal users are not granted admin rights on their computers. As a consequence, they cannot execute or install any service packs, patches or "approved" applications.

In addition, the User Account Control requires approval if local administrators execute a 'critical' task.

Our Solution

This is when LOGINstall comes into play: Users may perform commands for the execution of approved applications with administrative privileges without promoting them to admins and without compromising Windows' security concept.

What's new in LOGINstall?

  • LOGINstall ist Careware
  • Support for Windows Vista, 7, 2008 Server as well as XP, 2003 Server
  • Graphical administrative LOGINstall Menu for the configuration of the LOGINstall.ini
  • compatible with previous versions of LOGIN KIS!

The Concept

LOGINstall consists of a service (KISVC) that must be installed on each workstation, and a client component (KIS).

The client KIS connects with the service KISVC and provides the name of the requested command. After this the services searches a protected .ini file that is centrally stored on a network share by the admin. For every command this .ini file contains a section with the path to the executable, the command line parameters etc. If available to the current user, KISVC starts the requested task.

The easy user interface with its clear command concept already had made former LOGIN KIS a useful tool for network admins. LOGINstall translates this character into a new era.


LOGINstall Manual

LOGINstall is Careware

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